How To Play

1. Go To The Apple Store

2. Search Fluidmaze & Download

3. Create A Gamer Tag

Goal: Get All Of The Fluid Into The Red Checkered Bin In As Little Time As Possible While Keeping The Purity Of The Liquid High!

Rule & Point Acquisition

75%85%Under 2 Minutes100
85%-95%Under 2 Minutes150
95%+Under 2 Minutes200
85%-95%Under 1 Minute250
95%+Under 1 Minute300

Use The “Stick” To Rotate The Maze

Keep Track Of Your Time

Track Your Purity

Purity Is Lowered By Hitting The Colored Walls

Answer Educational Questions To Earn Various Rewards

Click The Question Mark

This Will Place A Question On The Screen

Type Your Answer In The Input Box And Submit

Check The Solution